Ideas and Resources

Things your Democracy Club could do

Democracy Clubs are meant to be flexible and effective no matter what your political experience, work status, geographic location, or educational background.

Here are just a few things a Democracy Club can do together:

  • Write postcards or letters to encourage people to vote
  • Discuss books or articles
  • Volunteer for a local-, state-, or national candidate’s campaign
  • Help register voters
  • Volunteer for an organization that supports voters or community members who face discrimination
  • Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper
  • Host a fundraiser for a candidate or cause
  • Encourage each other to call your elected representatives
  • Show friends and neighbors how to vote by mail
  • Call or text each other during hard times
  • Celebrate victories together!

Resources we Trust

Organizations we trust and use ourselves

Not sure where to start? These groups make it easy to get involved.

  • Voting isn’t enough — go further and take action! Visit ACE the Election for a list of immediate-impact activities. 
  • Subscribe to the Americans of Conscience Checklist for concrete actions and uplifting, inspiring stories.
  • Protect our vote! Every Last Vote shows you how to make sure every vote counts. 
  • Help elect Democratic majorities in the US House and Senate by adopting a strategic state supported by Swing Left
  • Write personal Postcards to Voters encouraging them to vote. 
  • Send letters to voters in swing states to urge them to vote with Vote Forward
  • Promote fair elections and encourage voter participation with Fair Fight
  • Find a local group and lobby your own Congress members with Indivisible
  • Speak out for truth, justice, equality, and kindness with Stand on Every Corner
  • Join Michelle Obama and friends and encourage every American to exercise their right to vote at When We All Vote.